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Introducing Nepal:

Nepal is a land locked country situated in the lap of Himalayan range. Inheriting vast diversity in geography and ethnicity it is locked by China from the North and India from East, West and South. It is the fifth largest country among the member of South Asia Association for Regional Co-corporation (SAARC). Nepal has been facing major problems like lack of internal financial resources, rapid and unplanned urbanization, illiteracy, poor health and sanitation facilities, shortage of clean and safe drinking water and ignorance on environment change and global warming. In this context, smooth and effective conduction of planned activities and programs stands as a major challenge for International and National non-government organizations in Nepal.

Integrated development of social sector in Nepal.

Work for social sector development through combined effort of national and international community (stakeholders).


To focus on social and economic problem in grass root level of the poor people of Nepal.
To facilitate information system between local Nepalese NGOs and international NGOs/donors.
To co-ordinate Nepalese NGOs, INGOs and donors in their efforts to implement their programs, in priority basis for sustainable development of Nepal.
To give information about the social problems to the professional and persons of different NGOs and private organizations and request them to solve the social problems through national policies.
To coordinate and facilitate NGOs and private organization running inside the nation and also to those which will run in the future. This will also form information center and provide consultancy and management services on social services program in Nepal for different international visitors, INGOs and other organization on the basis of their need.
To facilitate coordination between Ministries of Nepal Government (Women and Social Welfare, Health and Population, Education, Environment and Culture, Sports and Culture, Information and Communication, Agriculture and Forestry and Soil Conservation), National Planning Commission, and with different national and international non- governmental agencies.
To provide NGO consultancy services for their capacity building in multidimensional implementing areas.
To run advocacy in emerging national and international issues on the social development sector.
To ensure the protection of human rights of children, women and other vulnerable groups.
To create a list of national experts for facilitation in areas of needs for NGOs, INGOs and other concerned.


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